Connected Customer Experience (CCX).

  • D for Disturbative

  • T for Technology

  • A for Advertising

  • I for Innovation

  • Let's make A statement display advertising

We are bunch of geeks out of our garage in London (SilukuLab), building the next generation transformative in-store display advertising solutions.


Talk about siluku solutions for corporate world (talk about connected CCX and what siluku mean in transformative technology world for the advertising sector.


Look at UBER (the future of transport)... Look Fintech (the future banking)... Look at Google (The future informations)


The Like UBER and Amzon, the common denominator is Tech,technology bring a new era in in-store CCX with centralised operations (cloud based), persona and behaviour targetting, big data, geo-localiastion…


A small description of us, achievement, experience and names

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